Saturday, March 24, 2012

Technological Advancement

Have you ever noticed how when pump sites decide to malfunction, it is always at the most inconvenient time?

Today it decided to leak at my sister's softball game. I called my mom at 9:30, and she got to the park at 11:15. The park is only 20 minutes away. So, I was without basal and insulin for an hour and 45 minutes slowly getting more agitated. I had to resort to *shudder* my sister's insulin pen. *gasp, the insulin pen*

It also went bad when I was on my All State trip; I had to walk up to the choir director in the middle of class, ask to leave, and have my mom go to the hotel and get me a pump site because the one I brought with me didn't work.

Pump sites these days...
I am also not technologically advanced.
My family, and my sister's friend were comparing their tablets, and I said, "I have something that none of you have... a pump!"

They weren't impressed.

When I said I was getting a new one in November, My sister replied, "Does it have apps?"

Moral of Story: Pumps aren't impressive unless they have apps.

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